Thursday, March 13, 2014

Verbier and then home

Went to Verbier for some good blue bird skiing but it turned out to be way to busy over there. School holidays... After only one day of skiing there we decided to leave and started looking for another place to go too.. In the last minute I decided to get on a last minute flight back home to Sweden and Ă–stersund. I will be here resting a few days more until I go back down to Lenzerheide in Switzerland for a photo shoot.

Big mountains and a blue bird day above the clouds. Bec to the right

 Looking down on the tiny ants in the slope below

Romantic moment

Chillin, drinking coffee on the flight back home

Friday, March 7, 2014

Steep skiing in Chamonix

Spent a week in Chamonix skiing steeps and visiting our friend Albin. So much fun!

Skiing a line from Aiguille du Midi. Photo: Mattias Lindqvist

The view from our breakfast table

On our way up to Aiguille du Midi

Repelling down into a couloir

Sketchy entrance into another couloir

Albin enjoying some fresh in Pas de Chevre. Thanks for this week!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

FWQ competitions

Been doing a couple of Freeride World Qualifiers the last two weeks. First in Andorra and then another one in Chandolin, Switzerland. Not a great success at the comps, cause I had some problems in my run in Andorra and I crashed in Chandolin. Still good times skiing with friends, especially Andorra was a really fun trip. To get there we took the train to Barcelona where we spent a few days and from there we rented a car and drove up to Andorra. Traveling, skiing in new places, so nice.

Full packed car ready to go to Andorra

The venue for the FWQ in Grandvalira, Andorra

Early morning waiting for the riders meeting

Mountain village where we were staying

Travelling in class with our own bar in the train

Stayed a few nights between the comps with some friends in Nendaz

My Atomic Automatics in some pretty sketchy spring conditions, Nendaz

Next run was is powder

Fredrik and Mattias at the FWQ in Chandolin

Below the venue

The trip continuous..