Thursday, August 23, 2012


A long nice summer is about to come to its end. For me it started off with a few weeks of work in construction in Stockholm. Had a lot of fun there with good people and it’s always nice to work outside. After that I headed to Greece for 3 weeks of spearfishing and riding around on our motor bike. I shouldn’t complain but this year was way to warm for me. A lot of the fishes decided they didn’t like the hot water and swam down to the deep blue sea. Anyway, a lot of good times in Greece! When I came back from Greece, I was wedding photographer at a beautiful wedding in the archipelago of Stockholm. A few days after that we decided to take the Volvo on a roadtrip down to Gothenburg, Trollhättan and a short stop to say hi to Patrik and Pauli at 8848 Altitude in Borås. Super stoked on the new collection coming this season!

Finally we’ve made it to Trondheim and I must say that Åre, that we passed on the way, is extremly green and beautiful this time of the year!

Geared up for some fishing


Preparing the dinner

The photographer also got some red wine

Playtime in Trollhättan

Åre in August